Sell your property using the Modern Method of Auction

The Modern Method of Auction offers the seller the ability to maximise the level of interest in their property from a broad range of buyers which in turn creates the best sale price in the current market.

Our Auction service offers the vendor confidence in their buyer with the security of a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit and a fixed date to move and sell. This comes all for no sale fee because it is covered by the buyer’s reservation fee.

Are you a seller looking for additional peace of mind?
Benefits of the Modern Method of auction include:

0% commission to sell
On a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ basis, there is nothing to pay to enter your property into auction and nothing to pay whether your property sells or not.

The security of a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit
Buyers pay this to secure your property, so you can be sure they are committed to the sale.

An undisclosed reserve price
This figure is set separately to your marketing price to ensure that you reach a value you are happy for the property to sell for.

A fixed date to sell & move
These realistic yet fixed timescales are set from the start to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, to time frames that benefit all.

Greater levels of interest & viewings
Your property will naturally receive greater exposure from the dedicated Auction website, York Laurent’s website, Rightmove, OnTheMarket and the Auction’s online bidding facility which is accessible 24/7. These platforms will significantly increase interest in your property, resulting in more viewings and bids on your lot.

Achieve market value
Due to increased activity; a competitive bidding war may ensue to win your property. This will drive up the final selling price organically and achieve the best price possible for you.

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